Mogi Consulting is a Norwegian company that helps companies with profitable customer growth through customer acquisition and retention programs.

We work with large and well-established companies and growth companies within several industries in the Nordic region.

Mogi Consulting is a competence-driven enterprise. The quality of our work is totally dependent on people who work with us. Central to our business is focused on continuous development, mastery and autonomy, which collectively create positive and profitable results for our customers and employees.

We have four values that are the foundation for everything that happens in the business; Innovative, Brave, Responsible, Respectful.

Being innovative means to go ahead, do things differently, think "outside the box". It also means that we challenge established truths in search for improvements and "quantum leaps"

Being brave means to try and meet new challenges, try out new things with calculated risk which means that we sometimes make mistakes. It also means that we speak up when we need help or something is not working

Being accountable means that we take responsibility for all actions and decisions that are required to deliver on time and with the right quality. It also means that we take ownership of its deliveries

Being respectful means that we recognize the inherent intrinsic value and strives to ensure that everyone gets realized its potential. It also means that we are truthful and comply with the company’s values.

Our vision is to create profitable customer growth for our customers while creating added value for our customers, employees and partners!

We are proud of what we do and that customers will know that you have a partner with both confidence and capacity while humbly realize that we are never better than our last mission.

We help our customers with profitable customer growth:


Marketing Strategy
Go-To-Market Strategy
Business Process Outsourcing
Business Development
Change Management
Project Management

Sales & Marketing

Customer Service
Customer Experience
Acquisition & Sales Programs
Retention & Loyalty Programs
Product & Offering


Data & Data Quality
Business Intelligence
Artificial Intelligence
Internet of Things


Motivation & Inspiration
Education, Training & Coaching
Employee Engagement & Branding
Employee Experience Management
Recruiting & Staffing

Our main industry competence:


Energy & electricity
Banking & Financial service
Transportation, Travel & Tourism
Media & Entertainment
Health Supplements
Education & Public

We are result-driven with aim to deliver sales in addition to profitable growth and added value in compliance with our clients customer strategy and value proposition. Our goal is that the end-customer receives a positive impression of our clients whatever the outcome of the sales activity.

Please contact us for an informal chat about your business's needs:

Bo Andersson
Managing Partner
Mobile +47 959 82 582
E-mail: bo.andersson@mogi.no

Said Azouagh
Mobile: +47 915 58 028
E-mail: said.azouagh@mogi.no

Kjersti Elisabeth Andresen
Mobile: +47 959 82 540
E-mail: kjersti.andresen@mogi.no

Mogi AS
Øvre Vollgate 13
0158 Oslo, Norway

Business ID: NO 918 479 724 MVA